Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Travel Funny

Every once in a while I remember that this blog still exists.  I have at times re-posted some of the older stories and funnies, but haven't posted anything new in a while.  My girls have, of course, given me plenty to write about over the last year.  From things I never thought I would never hear my girls say, to things I never thought I would say to my girls, it has been eventful in the Scifres household.

A few weeks ago I traveled to Austin for a week for training.  When packing my suitcase I discovered Riley packed something for me.  In the center of my empty suitcase stood a minion.  Yes, a "Despicable Me" minion.  I was told he was going to Austin with me, so my "traveling buddy" became my co-pilot for the trip.  I decided that since no one else was going I needed to document my traveling buddy's adventure for Riley to see.  Photos are included.

Day 1
So we are on our way.  Can't you see the excitement in his face that he is along for the ride?  No he is not in shock because of my driving, as we were stopped at the time.  He started off the trip by questioning my travel route and my forgetting to get him something to drink.  Of course, that was done on purpose because I didn't want to keep stopping for bathroom breaks.

We stopped for a stretch, some coffee, and a quick game of hide and seek.  He's not very good, though.  And he was hoping for some of my coffee.

Day 2

So before I go on, I should note that I was in a fingerprint comparison class the entire week.  My traveling buddy decided to get curious and see what I was doing.  He was captivated, apparently, by fingerprint classifications and comparisons.  I came back to the room after dinner to find him searching the internet for info.

Day 3

I got my first prints to compare from class.  Since he was intrigued by what he had already learned, I suppose he decided to give it a look to see if he could apply what he learned.  Actually, he was just getting in the way.

Day 4

My trusted traveling companion and fellow fingerprint enthusiast decided he could not take anymore without coffee.  Staring through a magnifier is tiring and he apparently thought some piping hot hotel caffeine would help him out.  That one cup was enough to keep him up all night watching television.  I woke up at about 4am to him watching an infomercial for some type of kitchen gadget and trying to use my credit card to buy one.  Good thing I woke up.

Day 5
So by this time I'm getting frustrated by his constant meddling and the attempted abuse of my credit card.  As you can see he is pleading his case, and I just wasn't trying to hear it.  I was trying to get ready for a test and compare more fingerprints while he wanted me to make him more coffee.  You should have seen it, he was being vicious and yelling something about taking him to Starbucks.  It was horrible.  To see the little yellow man actually was scary for a second or two.

Day 6

We were headed home and he figured I needed help finding the way home.  I guess I didn't choose the correct route and he was pointing that out as I finished getting gas.  You can see the look of shock in his eyes when I told him to stop bossing me around, and to get back in the cup holder for the ride home.  It was a long week.

I sent pictures home every day for Riley to see.  Partially, I sent them home as proof that he was along with me, but mainly so Riley could have some fun with it, too.  When I talked to her on the phone she asked about the minion and happily talked about what he was doing.  Sometimes the things we do to make our children happy seems goofy, and ridiculous to some, but is worth it to hear the joy in their voices and see the excitement in their faces when they realize what is happening.

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